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Travelling without a laptop

Recently, I booked a last minute trip to Northern California for a week. Whenever I travel, I always struggle with what I will want to have on hand while away. […]

Yes, I’m ordering an Apple iPad

Bad jokes about the name aside, I’ll be ordering an iPad just as soon as they are available: I’ll probably order the 32gb model with 3G radio. Not 100% sure […]

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard available for preorder

Apple’s latest version of their OS X operating system, named Snow Leopard is now available for preorder at It’s due to be released at the end of September. It’s […]

Use that unused Expresscard slot on your MacBook Pro

I took the plunge this past week and bought a 15″ MacBook Pro. This was mostly due to the increasing amount of video and photography I’ve been doing lately and […]

Do you use a battery backup/ups?

I picked up this APC 450 battery backup from Costco last night for $36…I don’t recall ever seeing them that cheap. The box suggests up to 28 mins of backup […]

D-Link DNS-323 Network Storage Device Mini-review

I picked up this little guy (aka the Toaster) recently after seeing Peter’s success with it. It’s a network connected storage device. What does that mean? It means that you […]

Future Shop gets an Apple Store

Thanks to a tip from Kevin, I went to the Park Royal Mall Future Shop location to check out the renovations that are almost complete. It looks like some Future […]

We can haz Apple Store in Vancouver

This morning I decided to head downtown to witness the opening of the Vancouver Apple Store at Pacific Centre. This was my second Apple opening as I was at the […]

Again & Again

Here’s a really creative music video done on a Mac: I love stuff like this. Via the big noob. ps. check out the PC version as well Update: TUAW has […]

MacBook – Thin Enough

The parodies keep on coming… Via @Veronica