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Nikon + Vimeo’s Light After Dark party @ SXSW

I was originally going to do one giant SXSW wrap up post but figured a few things warranted their own posts. The first of these posts is about a party/event […]

Hands on with the GoPro HD LCD BacPac

I’ve been really enjoying the GoPro HD camera I bought a few months ago. But one thing that I’ve been waiting for and that has been lacking for it is […]

Hands on with a Gigapan EPIC 100

I recently had a chance to check out some really cool technology used to create enormous, zoomable panoramic images called a Gigapans. This is the same technology used to make […]

Eye-fi Pro X2 Wireless SD card review

During the holidays, I came across a boxing day deal for the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB wireless SD card. I’ve written about these Eye-Fi cards before but this is a […]

360° immersive video

I got to see something today that really impressed me…and that takes a lot. The folks at northStudio360 have been working on some very cool 360° video technology and showcased […]

Traded my Leica for a Nikon

Well, not really…but kinda. I’ve been using a fake Leica iPhone 4 skin on my iPhone for a few months now and it’s been amazing the response I get from […]

What the hell is Arduino?

I first heard about Arduino from a friend that was learning about them in her industrial design class at the Emily Carr Institute and finally picked up my first one […]

Ziptrek Eco Tours in Whistler

Last weekend, I finally got a chance to check out Ziptrek Eco Tours in Whistler. I’ve been meaning to take a tour since I first got to experience them during […]

Nikon, Flip and Olympus…oh my!

It’s been like Christmas lately with a whole bunch of new camera gear coming across my desk. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new stuff I’ve been playing […]

GoPro HD Hero mini-review

After pining away for one for ages, I finally bought a GoPro HD HERO camera: It’s a tiny little HD camera with an amazing wide angle lens (170 degrees @ […]