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Yes, I decided to head down to the Apple Store in the Alderwood Mall today and get my own 32gb Wifi iPad (for realz): My original plan was to wait […]

Yes, I’m ordering an Apple iPad

Bad jokes about the name aside, I’ll be ordering an iPad just as soon as they are available: I’ll probably order the 32gb model with 3G radio. Not 100% sure […]

iPhone camera is number one on Flickr

Today, posted an article about the iPhone surpassing all other cameras to take the top spot on my favorite photo sharing website, Flickr. This isn’t surprising to me…I have […]

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard available for preorder

Apple’s latest version of their OS X operating system, named Snow Leopard is now available for preorder at It’s due to be released at the end of September. It’s […]

Griffin PowerJolt Reserve for iPhone [Review]

Just a quick review of this handy gadget I picked up for my iPhone. Battery power is always an issue for iPhone users that use their phones alot. I had […]

Purplera1n is coming down

George Hotz is at it again…this time he’s brought the purplera1n down on the iPhone hacking community with his super simple jailbreak tool that is now out for Mac and […]

More iPhone 3GS video comparisons

Actually, this isn’t about the quality of the iPhone 3GS video which is surprisingly good, but rather of what it looks like when you upload it to an online service. […]

Comparing the iPhone 3GS Video

After finally acquiring a shiny new iPhone 3GS, I started playing around with the new camera and video features. Rather than talk about it, I thought showing the video on […]

Deja Vu all over again

Looks like Rogers is about to repeat their PR nightmare from last year’s iPhone 3G launch by holding back the pricing of the iPhone 3GS for current 3G owners until […]

Apple announces the iPhone 3GS

Today Apple unveiled the latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ stands for speed. It will be available in North America on Friday, June 19th. This is […]