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New Gear section

Just a little post highlighting the new gear page I just added that lists all the photo, video and tech gear I use regularly. Very similar to my Flickr profile […]

Zombies, bears, kittens and creepy janitors

Figured an update was in order since I’ve been pretty busy with lots of things since the summer. A few nights before halloween, I figured it was time to carve […]

The Flying Canucks

This weekend I had the chance to check out the Flying Canucks…they aren’t hockey players, but they are amazing athletes who use trampolines to entertain people. The team is comprised […]

New Photography section

Inspired by my pals Duane and Kris‘ recent photographic efforts online, I decided to rebuild my photography section on this site which previously was just a plugin that pulled in […]

Five days of unlimited iPhone Edge data

I’m home now after being in various parts of the Pacific Northwest for the past five days. Here’s the tally of my iPhone usage during that time: A grand total […]

iPhone 3G predictions: how did I do?

Almost a month ago, I posted my predictions for the next version of the iPhone. Let’s see how I did: Prediction #1: Details about the iPhone release in Canada will […]

Matt Darey’s Nocturnal Podcast

I recently stumbled across Matt Darey’s podcast (iTunes link) which is basically a rebroadcast of his show on the XM satellite radio station BPM. It’s completely free and from what […]

I shall call it a LinkFeed

Shane and I seem to live in parallel worlds with a few differences. We both are pretty hard core nerd/geek types that like our gadgets. We both have blogs. In […]


Just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (isn’t that what all geeks do on their vacation?) and of course my theme isn’t compatible…so you get the default until I […]

We have installation!

Everything is finally setup on the new server now.