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Sony’s Waterproof Walkman

I put Sony’s Waterproof Walkman to the test in the pool in Florida.

A Better Kind of Wallet

The Capsul Case will make you think differently about your wallet. I did a decade ago.

Sony’s Hi-Res Audio Walkman

I take Sony’s latest Hi-Res audio gear for a test drive…including the current version of the Walkman.

Revolution Infinity 3D Printer: Hands on

I get my hands on the new 3D printer, the Infinity 3D , from Revolution Printers and put it through it’s paces.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Hands On

I take Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 for a spin and compare it to my iPhone 6.

Unboxing the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon made a big splash with the recent release of their new Fire TV set top box. Positioned to directly compete against the Apple TV (both priced at $99US), it’s a pretty beefy little box for all your media viewing at home.

Doodle3D WiFi box for 3D Printers

Basically, the Doodle3D is a little box that plugs into your 3D printer (with support for lots of them) and provides a simple app for sketching a design and then sending it to the printer.

First Look: Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4″ Tablet

A few weeks ago, Samsung Canada loaned me the latest edition of their Android-based tablet, the Galaxy TabPRO. At 8.4 inches, it’s priced and equipped to directly compete with Apple’s iPad Mini.

Google Glass: A few months later

More thoughts and details about having Google Glass for the last couple of months.

3D Systems’ Sense 3D Scanner: Hands On

Last weekend I had the opportunity to try out 3D Systems’ new product, the Sense 3D Scanner. It’s a handheld 3D scanner that allows you to scan just about anything […]