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Wired Wednesday: Sherpa, Tertill & Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

My weekly technology talk with Ben Wilson on News 1130 radio in Vancouver

World Maker Faire New York 2016

A whirlwind visit to New York City for the World Maker Faire and a little hanging out with Mr. Robot

Summer Project: Mostly Printed CNC Part 2

Part 2 of my summer project building the Mostly Printable CNC machine that allows me to mill, cut and draw on many different materials.

Heart of Glass Workshop

A glass making workshop showed me how to turn molten glass into a heart shaped piece of art for Valentines Day

Eurorack: Adventures in Modular Synthesis

The beginnings of my adventures in modular synthesis with DIY eurorack modules and a whole lot of patch cables.

I’m all about the Yes: YxYY003

The 3rd annual Yes & Yes Yes event in Palm Springs was the best yet!

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2015

This weekend, thousands of folks will head to the PNE Forum in Vancouver to experience the 5th annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. With well over a hundred different makers and […]

BIL Conference 2015

Details about the BIL conference that happens along side TED in Vancouver that is open to everyone.

MineCraft and 3D Printing

How I utilize the videogame MineCraft as a powerful tool to get kids of all ages interested in 3D printing.

Tracking the ISS Above with a Raspberry Pi

A unique software package for the Raspberry Pi computer that notifies you when the ISS is overhead along with live streaming video from space!