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My slice of Raspberry Pi

Finally, after months of waiting, I received my Raspberry Pi: I had pre-ordered it (from Element 14) in March and it finally shipped this week. What is it? It’s touted […]

3D Printer Village @ Maker Faire Vancouver 2012

Just got home from a weekend of nerding out with thousands of folks at Vancouver’s 2nd annual Mini Maker Faire. Whew…I haven’t talked that much in a long time! It […]

Light painting with Arduino

I’ve been interested in painting with light for almost as long as I’ve been interested in photography. Recently, there has been a number of projects that have popped up where […]

Vancouver Mini MakerFaire 2012

We’re just over a month away from Vancouver’s 2nd installment of the Mini MakerFaire (June 23-24). Last year was the first one in Vancouver and it was a blast. I […]

Learning to Solder Better

I’ve owned a soldering iron for as long as I can remember. But I’ve never felt I’ve been very good at using it. Lately I’ve been needing to do more […]

Reprappers of the world unite

This past weekend, I hosted the guys from our Fraser Valley RepRap group at my place so that we could actually setup our machines to print and tinker. This is […]

A Visit to Seattle’s Hackerspace: Metrix Create Space

During the recent holidays, I spent a few days in Seattle. One of the things I’ve wanted to do there for awhile is visit Metrix Create Space, Seattle’s hackerspace. Conveniently, […]

Android installed on HP TouchPad

Last night I successfully installed Android (Cyanogen Mod 7) onto my HP TouchPad. I followed the very thorough tutorial on PCPro so I won’t be going over the steps in […]

Adventures in 3D Printing: the Prusa Mendel

As part of my continuing adventures with a 3D printer, my next project is printing an actual 3D printer, the opensource Prusa Mendel, a Reprap derivative. Well, printing a good […]

Gameduino videogame shield for the Arduino

A while back, I participated in my first Kickstarter project by ‘funding’ something called a Gameduino: It’s an add on module (aka a shield) for the Arduino hardware platform. It […]