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Eurorack: Adventures in Modular Synthesis

The beginnings of my adventures in modular synthesis with DIY eurorack modules and a whole lot of patch cables.

Maker Faire Bay Area

I just returned from San Francisco where I attended the world’s largest Maker Faire in San Mateo (aka the Bay Area Maker Faire). I’ve been to and exhibited at a number of Maker Faires but this was my first time at the ‘big one’ which originated in the Bay Area 9 years ago.

SMD soldering – it’s easier than it looks

Recently I took a workshop at the Vancouver Hackspace on SMD soldering which is the process of soldering surface mount devices (aka really TINY parts). This is the kind of […]

Microslice: The Tiny Arduino based Laser Cutter

I stumbled across the Microslice Laser Cutter on Instructables (by SilverJimmy) and decided almost instantly that I wanted to build one. I’ve wanted my own laser cutter forever but unfortunately, […]

Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2013

I just returned home from a great weekend in Seattle to attend their Mini Maker Faire. While not quite as big as Vancouver’s, it was densely populated with some pretty […]

Vancouver Mini MakerFaire 2013 in Photos

Last weekend I was a ‘Maker’ presenter at the third annual Vancouver Mini MakerFaire. I organized the 3D Printer Village for the second year in a row and it was […]

Eggbot and Raspberry Pi

I first saw an Eggbot at the Portland Mini Maker Faire last year. It’s something I’ve been aware of for a while (it’s been available for years) but after finally […]

Multi-Rotor Meetup

Tonight I attended what will likely be the first of many ‘multi-rotor meetups’ in North Vancouver. What started as a conversation on the forum of the group evolved into […]

New toy: Tabletop Arcade cabinet

Yesterday I completed another in a string of successful trades facilitated by Craigslist. I’ve been having great luck lately dealing with some great people on there and not the usual […]

It’s the Great Companion Cube, Charlie Brown

During my visit to the Portland Mini Maker Faire in September, I stumbled across Low Voltage Labs and their cool little Great Pumpkin PCB kit. Meant to add a safe, […]