Hi. I’m John – a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based 3D printing advocate, consultant & instructor, technologist, writer, traveler, photographer (I like to shoot concerts, music festivals and events), speaker, maker & all around curious person.

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Here’s some of my latest interviews and tv appearances.

As you can see on my site, I’m interested in and play with a lot of different things and this site is meant to document those explorations.

Sadly, I’m not related to Ferris and my last name is pronounced “Bee-lur”.

Fun geeky fact: One of my first websites in the late 1990’s was a blog (before they were called blogs) that documented the design and construction of a full size video arcade cabinet (later expanded to cover additional cabinets and other games added to my collection). This cabinet housed a computer that ran M.A.M.E. and was connected to real arcade controls on the cabinet which enabled it to emulate and play over 5000 different classic arcade games. I built this cabinet on the balcony of my 9th story apartment in the West End of Vancouver. If you lived below me, I’m sorry about the sawdust!

I have a pretty damn cool voicemail greeting too.

Little known fact: I formed a theatre troupe (the Keyhole Theatre Company) with some friends and produced, directed and acted in many live theatre productions around Vancouver during the early 90’s.

Full disclosure: Unless otherwise stated, everything on my site is my own. I almost always just use my photos in all my posts, review products that I have purchased myself, and post videos that I’ve produced myself. I do occasionally benefit from review copies of various items/gadgets/tours etc and always declare how I came into possession of them so there is no question and I have the freedom to say if it sucks or not. If something posted here isn’t of my own creation or purchase, I’ll give credit to the originator (to the best of my abilities – sometimes it’s hard to source the origin but I’ll mention that in the credits).

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