Checking out some Logiix mobile accessories

Some of the gear logiix sent me

Recently I was sent a big box of accessories to check out by Logiix. They make a really wide variety of gadgets and accessories for your digital life. Here’s some of my favourites that I got to play with recently.

26445407231_150d953518_bIn the box was a few great charging cables like the Flat Flex Jolt (in green, of course) that is 1.5m in length which is the perfect length for desk or night table use. I also liked the Piston Connect LED which has an LED letting you know the status of your charge (red or green). The LED makes it easy to find in a dark room (the lightning end glows green when not connected to a phone). I just wish it came in the longer lengths like their other cables do (love the 3m versions). I’ve gotten so used to the short Apple issued cables with my phone.

Their USB Power Cube Rapide is super handy when travelling since it gives you two 2.4amp/12W USB ports in a small form factor. Perfect for charging my phone and Apple Watch bedside in a hotel room if I can move the furniture to get at an outlet near the bed.

The super tiny Blue Piston Bluetooth Speaker fits in the palm of your hand but puts out a great sound and can be used as a handsfree speakerphone.

Blue Piston Bluetooth speaker

It has a nice grippy bottom too so it doesn’t move when you put it down somewhere. I’ve been streaming the Coachella Music Festival feed on it and it sounds surprisingly great for its size.

One accessory I didn’t think I’d use but haven’t taken off since I got it is the Color Shield for my MacBook Pro (and also works on the wireless Apple Keyboard).

Logiix Color Shield keyboard cover

I tend to have my laptop close by whether I’m using a laser cutter at the makerspace or soldering at home so there is often stuff flying around (and at) my keyboard. I once had a tiny piece of wire (clipped from a resistor I was soldering) that flew across the desk and wedged itself under one of my keys to the point I couldn’t even use it. The Apple Geniuses weren’t impressed but they got it out.

Logiix USB light

The little Gelly USB LED light proved useful lighting up my Eurorack synthesizer in my dark garage.

Hands down the most useful thing in the box was the Piston Power 5000 Multi battery pack. I’ve been carrying this everyday since I got it.

Piston Power 5000 mAh

I’ve got literally a stack of battery ‘bricks’ of various sizes (many bigger than this one that has 5000mAh) and this one is thinner than my iPhone 6s Plus but can charge it almost twice (most other smartphones will get 2.5x or more recharges but the Plus has a pretty big battery). The killer feature though, is the built in lightning and microUSB cables (both!). This is perfect when you want to empty your pockets for a day out but don’t want to lug a huge battery and cables to charge on the go. Plus, since it has both kinds of currently standard cables, you can make new friends by charging up their device, regardless of what it is. They also have an even smaller one (3000mAh) if you want to go lighter…but the 5000 is pretty damn small already and easily fits in a jean pocket and isn’t much thicker than a passport.

I’m also looking forward to checking out their reversible microUSB cables that are coming soon…no more fussing with the right orientation while trying to plug in the cable – like the lightning cable except for microUSB. It’s a minor annoyance for sure but when you’re trying to plug in your Android phone in the dark, it’s a big pain.

Thanks to Logiix for sending me a ‘tasting plate’ of their accessories to try out. You can find them at your favourite electronics retailer,, or at their website.

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