Wired Wednesday 009

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I spoke about these tech topics for Wired Wednesday with Ben Wilson:

  • Immersit Turns Your Couch Into A Vibration-Powered Immersive TV Experience (source)
    A new Kickstarter project hopes to give you a very realistic experience while watching a movie or playing a videogame. Using blocks under each corner of your chair or couch, the Immersit (between $500-1000 depending on configuration) will vibrate and shake your furniture in time with the explosions on the big screen.
  • Apple Watch Will Get Canadians a Discount from on their insurance (source)
    Fitness tracking takes on a whole new meaning when an insurance company offers a discount based on the details tracked by a wearable. This could be a new incentive to get and stay healthy or is it a privacy concern when they know when you skip the gym?
  • Scientists Create Robotic Roach to Explore Rubble After a Disaster (source)
    A new concept in robotic search tools is being inspired by the lowly cockroach. Scientists studied how the cockroach can withstand just about any kind of natural disaster to help develop a new kind of robot that could someday be used as a first responder after a disaster.

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