Wired Wednesday 003

On Air sign at the News 1130 studios

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I spoke about these tech topics for Wired Wednesday with Ben Wilson:

  • Blaze bike light can save cyclist’s lives (source)
    Blaze’s bike light isn’t your average light. It projects a green pictogram on the ground in front of you. The vast majority of biking accidents happen when a car turns in front of a bike because the driver failed to notice the biker. Blaze makes riding a bike safer at night with this simple pictogram.
  • Slide iPhone app makes 3D animations/videos (source)
    Slide is a brand new way to create 3D photos with your iPhone. Compose your shot then move your device in a smooth and swift horizontal motion to capture. Tap the subject of your photo and it magically becomes 3D. Ready to share as a looping GIF or video to Instagram, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Tokyo police unveil net-wielding interceptor drone (source)
    Earlier this year, a drone carrying a tiny amount of radioactive sand was flown onto the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s office. The act was a protest against the country’s nuclear energy policy rather than a serious threat, but Japanese police apparently saw it as something of a wake-up call. In order to combat such aerial threats in future, Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department has unveiled a net-wielding interceptor drone that will be used to hunt down and snare rogue quadcopters.

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