Weekly 3D Printing Blab

3D printed Copperfill Cactus

My friend Steve Dotto got me onto the new Blab platform recently as way to resurrect our previous Dottotech radio shows. It’s a pretty cool platform for having up to four main participants in the hot seat, along with chat and Twitter integration. It also allows you to embed and archive the ‘broadcast’ into an audio podcast or a video file. It also works across platforms and even mobile.

So I asked a couple of friends that are prominent in the 3D printing space to join me, somewhat last minute, to try out Blab and it went pretty well. We discussed a bunch of different 3D printing topics including some of the new exotic filaments, the M3D printer and a lots more.

We’re going to try it out weekly going forward.

So for this week, check out the unedited Blab from Friday night’s inaugural broadcast:

We’re targeting Friday nights at 7pm PDT but keep an eye on my Twitter for updates as it may depend on availability of everyone participating.

We’ll also start introducing a format/agenda for the shows so feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see in the comments.

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