I’m all about the Yes: YxYY003

3D printed body paint stamps

Last weekend was the third annual gathering of awesome people in the desert, also known as Yes & Yes Yes (YxYY for short).

As I’ve written previously, this event/conference/pool party has become my most anticipated ‘thing’ each year. Why? Mostly because there is no pressure to do anything, but just hang out with new and old friends, in an awesome location, with a pool.

I’m not going to talk long on the topic (check out my friend, Alexandra’s great post on why she keeps coming back, Liza’s Flipboard from the event and Tantek’s post event reflections) but thought I’d post a few photo/video highlights:

The super awesome lemonade stand/advice dispensary (complete with adult lemonade) where people would signup for ‘expert’ slots and answer questions:

The pool, of course:

The Kitten Kafe (supplied by the Palm Springs Animal Shelter):
This conference has a kitten cafe (via the local shelter) #YxYY #soawesome

Messing around with a 3D printed 360 degree GoPro camera rig with Sam (will post our results as soon as we have a chance to crunch the gigabytes of footage):
360 poolside action about to get stitched #YxYY

Printing lots of octopi for attendees in the Maker Lounge:

A video posted by John Biehler (@johnbiehler) on

This year also had lots of people bringing their own rad projects in like this holographic Princess by Chris Weisbart:

A video posted by John Biehler (@johnbiehler) on

I also won a MakerBot Replicator Mini courtesy of the Salesforce.com UX team! More on that later.

Making timelapses from the sweltering roof deck:

A video posted by John Biehler (@johnbiehler) on

Jonathan’s amazing drone video:

Of course, I couldn’t forget the epic Prom photo (via Wayne Racine) with Jonathan Tucker who was dining next door and grabbed us for a photo op:

On our way to Prom

On our way to Prom

Hopefully, you have more than enough reasons above to attend next year’s event!

You can see the rest of my photos from the event on Flickr.

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