Sony’s Waterproof Walkman

Squinting to the hits

While on my recent trip to Florida, I had a fair amount of pool time. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the Sony Waterproof Walkman I got during CES earlier this year. It was used for the Sony booth tour and had descriptions of each station in mp3 format. The bonus was that I got to keep the Walkman.


The Walkman is a wireless (but not Bluetooth) headset that is completely sealed and waterproof that you wear on/in your ears. A stretchy bungy-like cord holds it on your head. Tiny buttons on either side allow you to play/stop fast forward and adjust volume easily. It did take me a little while to remember which side controlled what, especially while swimming and I wanted to change a song.


How Do You Add Music or Charge them?

The Walkman comes with a unique USB dock that the headphones click into.

Plugging into any USB charging block will charge the Walkman. A 3 minute charge is supposed to yield 60 minutes of playback so even if you forget to charge them before heading to the pool it won’t take much time to get them usable.

Plugging the dock into your computer has the Walkman show up as an external USB drive that you can drag and drop songs onto. The playback order seems to be in the order they were added to Walkman. My model came with 4gb of space but an 8gb model is also available.

Once in the water, it was actually pretty awesome to have such clear music while swimming around. Being able to switch tracks, even while underwater was great too.


The model I got at CES (NWZW273S) seems to be discontinued but there are a number of similar models available online, many on sale too. This is a great way to spend more time doing laps or just enjoying the water with your favorite music.

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