3D Scanning Cosplay at Fan Expo 2015

Last weekend, Fan Expo came to town bringing all kinds of geeky fun down to the Convention Centre. I was supposed to spend the weekend there but had to go to Seattle for a conference so only had a few hours on the final day to take it all in.

Fan Expo 2015

Fan Expo 2015

Fan Expo 2015

I was this close to buying this shirt:
Free Throat Hugs!

Lego once again had an impressive booth. The art wall was particularly cool since attendees could create little pieces of art with 8-bit videogames and emojis being a popular choice:

I then came across Maddi McFly who had spent three hours that morning doing an amazing job for her Asari cosplay (from Mass Effect).

Fan Expo 2015

I asked if she would let me 3D scan her. A few minutes later and I had a near perfect scan:


I used the ItSeez3D app on my iPad, combined with the Structure 3D scanner that I wrote about previously. The app uses the iPad’s camera to capture a color texture for the scan. Here’s what it looks like without the texture:


The app allows you to email the scan data and also upload it to Sketchfab which has a slick viewer that is embeddable:

I would have preferred to use the Skanect software as I seem to get better results but it would have required me to set up my laptop and wouldn’t have been as spontaneous as just using the iPad, scanner and the ItSeez3D app.

She 3D printed quite well in blue too (I didn’t have Asari Blue filament):


She was definitely the most interesting 3D scan I’ve done to date. Now I want to scan more cosplayers.

I wish I had also scanned this guy:
Fan Expo Vancouver 2015

Next time!

More photos from Fan Expo 2015 can be found on my Flickr.

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  1. I hear you are going to be at Maker Faire. If you would like to do some Scanning of our some of our Times Past team, feel free to come on over. We will have our Steampunk Pup with us (M.U.T.) and I will be there on Saturday wearing my Queen Mal (Maleficent based) wings. It will only be two of us for the first half of Saturday and hopefully, additional team will come by around 2 (after done with Hat’s Off Day) Sunday the wings will be there but I won’t so they will be on a mannequin / dress form.

    Looking forward to seeing your work live.

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