A Better Kind of Wallet

My current wallet and contents

I get contacted fairly regularly by various companies to check out and review their products. Recently, the folks at Capsul Case asked if I’d be interested in trying their wallet out. Turns out I’ve been using one for over a decade and was already a big fan.

It started when my traditional, Costansa wallet was stolen. I typically put my wallet in my back pocket like everyone does and getting it stolen was a disturbing experience. After that happened, I decided I should keep it in my front pocket to be better aware of it. Then while wondering around MEC, I stumbled upon the Capsul in the travel section. The wallet theft also made me re-evaluate what I keep in my wallet. There was no need to carry a bunch of the items I used to carry everywhere – how often do you need to show you social insurance number, birth certificate, etc.? Like never. Basically, if I don’t use it every few days or so, I don’t need to carry it. My mantra became “if it doesn’t fit in the wallet, I don’t need it”.

Capsul Case Wallet

Another benefit of going to a hardshell wallet like the Capsul is that I can always easily confirm it’s in my pocket, it’s self-contained so I can drop in coins or small items and it’s not going to fall out. I even carry a microUSB to Lightning adapter for my phone in there.

These are made of a super durable plastic in Canada. I just replaced mine a few months ago after 6 years of use…the hinge still felt okay, I was just looking for a colour change. Pro tip: while black is a great choice, I’ve found it blending in a little too well with clothes, blankets, dark cars, etc. and almost left it behind a few times so I’ve since switched to the green pictured on the top of this post.

Capsul Case wallet

I regularly get asked about my wallet, typically when paying for something. It’s not fancy, not made of leather, just extremely practical and perfect for me. At around $9, it’s a pretty awesome deal.

But don’t take my word for it. The folks at Capsul have offered to send a wallet to a handful of people that leave a comment here. So if you’d like your own to try for yourself (to keep) just leave a comment saying what colour you’d like and why you like this style of wallet.


This offer/contest is open until Friday, February 20, 2015. I’ll update this post and announce the winners here. Capsul will then contact the winners (use a valid email address when leaving your comment) and send you a Capsul directly.

No, I haven’t 3D printed a wallet…yet.

UPDATE (Feb 24, 2015): 6 lucky commenters should have been contacted via email by now who’ll each be receiving a Capsul of their choice. If you haven’t been contacted (or didn’t enter), I’ve been given a discount code JBIEHLERxCapsul which gives you 15% off your order and there is free shipping for Canadians. This code is good until Dec 31, 2015 too!


  1. Julie Wetherill says:

    Black one please :)

  2. Warren says:

    I have been using hardshell wallets for years as well, I am about ready to upgrade to the latest design, this one looks pretty good. Thanks for the review John!

  3. That looks like a pretty cool little thing to have for my travelling too! I worry about credit cards falling out of what I have now, and that would be perfect to carry them in. :)

    I’ve found the same as you — black is “cool” and “classic” but also easily lost or overlooked.

  4. I’m forever transferring cards, cash and various receipts etc between a smaller and larger wallet, both of them not really wallets but somewhere between a changepurse and a clutch – would love a more durable solution. I would love that maroon one in the middle, or the red one to its right. :)

  5. Chris McDonald says:

    This is really cool, I have been looking for a minimalist wallet for a while now. It’s a huge benefit that this one is waterproof! If I end up getting one of these, I’d like it to be red.

  6. Carol Reimer says:

    I’d be happy with any colour! My son wears basketball shorts ALL the time and this looks perfect.

  7. Love the red one. What a terrific concept!

  8. Justin Liew says:

    This sounds perfect! I tend to sit on my wallet and break my credit cards, so a smaller option I can put in my front pockets seem like a good solution to try. Maroon seems like a great colour.

  9. dhjca57 says:

    orange please. :) although I think I might need one in every colour.

  10. Richard says:

    I’m always on the lookout for a new wallet. The one I have now, the HOLSTEE Upcycled Wallet, made from reclaimed plastic bags found on the street, is suffering from wear and tear. I’d be interested in trying out a new style, even a departure from my usual like the Capsul.

  11. Scales says:

    Got a case similar to these some years back from MEC, I’v been using it when traveling and always been happy. Sadly it is falling apart and I could use a new one (Red please)

  12. colleen says:

    Ok, these are awesome, especially now that I’m in N alberta and frequently don’t carry a full on purse. The red one makes me grin :)

  13. Johnine Lake says:

    Looks like perfection for a tomboy lifestyle…
    Will possibly fit everything I need, and a few extra wants. With an added bonus of longevity?

    Would love to give it a go.

    warm YELLOW

    please & thank you

  14. Craig Silva says:

    This would be awesome for when I travel. Black would be my colour of choice.

  15. I’m liking the green one too. I’d love to replace my Constanza wallet too. Was looking at the Bellroys, but wasn’t completely sold on them.

  16. liisa says:

    I’m not a purse kind of gal so I’m always having to take out from my (bulky) wallet just the things I need when I go out. The Capsul means I don’t have to! Magenta, please.

  17. Colin Dick says:

    Great Blog post John. The blue one looks great.

  18. Anthony Wittrock says:

    Sounds awesome. Waterproof?

  19. Barbara qualley says:

    This would be fantastic in red. Definitely a must-have item.

  20. Stv says:

    Blue! No, orange! Something to replace my shredded current one. :)

  21. Hasti says:

    Very practical! I would love a yellow one since most of my clothes have really small pockets

  22. raincoaster says:

    My wallet got stolen a couple of years ago and I’ve done without ever since. I’d love to test this one out and see if it can convert me back to wallet-loving. Especially if I get a blue one.

  23. Marion says:

    this looks like a better design than the one I got…would like to check it out….yellow or red

  24. nbloom says:

    Very nice. I once tried a hard wallet, titanium I think. I think I went overboard with its minimalism tho, and it didn’t last. These look great, I like that red

  25. Phillip callaghan says:

    Hello John great article. Glad to see you are still finding interesting stuff. I’d love a blue one please.

  26. Zach Fine says:

    I’d be interested in trying one (magenta) to see how it compares to using a business card case.

  27. chris says:

    I’ve been using one for *years* as a mini first aid kit. I’m thinking it’d be nice to have one for all the USB drives, lightning adapters, etc. I have. Translucent, please.

  28. Marc says:

    Absolutely has to be Blue for me :)

  29. Robert Urban says:

    I have never considered a hard wallet, but I have had many a problem with cards falling out of stretched out card pockets in both bi-fold and tri-fold wallets. Luckily, I’ve never lost a credit card, but I’ve had to embarrassingly visit the Costco front desk for a new member card twice this year :/ haha. Also, as an engineer and hobbyist, I often end up with small knick-knacks shoved into the pockets of my wallets, often to be lost forever. The ability to keep small parts in there is very intriguing…

    If I do get picked for a trial, I’d love to try out a green one, or alternatively, a blue one.


  30. Warren says:

    Hey all I just received my #capsul win today Classic black looks great and everything fits. No costanza for me…lol

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