LDTech 2014 with London Drugs

Heading to Whistler with London Air Services

This time of the year is my favorite not only because my birthday is in early October, but also because it’s when I get a special invite from London Drugs. Every year, LD brings their retail staff and partners to Whistler and invite a handful of local media folks to join them to see the latest in technology that’s coming to their stores for the holiday season. It’s called LDTech.

LDTech 2014

Oh and did I mention that we take a helicopter to Whistler? Yeah, it’s tough to beat this kind of treatment.

LDTech 2014

After a beautiful flight along the Sea to Sky highway and a slight detour over Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake, we arrived in Whistler. After a quick lunch in the village we head to the convention centre for a series of briefings by various vendors and then are left to browse the show floor.

Some of the highlights I saw included a stop at the Sony booth to see the latest in 4K televisions

LDTech 2014

and getting to try out the beautiful Sony Alpha A7S camera:

LDTech 2014

Seeing the new lineup of GoPro Hero 4 cameras and accessories:
A @gopro Hero 4 in the wild! #LDTech

Playing with the Nikon DF camera and seeing the cutest owl at the Nikon booth:
The @nikoncanada Df camera is pretty sweet #LDTech @yeshe

LDTech 2014

and seeing a ton of new cases and accessories from Incipio, Spigen, Tucano, Speck, Mophie and others:

Microsoft also had a slick apartment set up showing off the Surface Pro 3 tablet (among other products) of which I’m getting increasingly interested in checking out:
LDTech 2014

LDTech 2014

One cool thing I heard from talking to LD’s camera buyers (fresh from Photokina, one of the largest photography shows on the planet) is that London Drugs will be carrying cameras, lenses and accessories from Lomography, one of my favorite makers of fun gear of which I own a lot of.

Contest Alert

Included in our generous swag bag was something from Lomography, a fun 35mm film camera that you assemble yourself, the Konstruktor.


I know it’s fun because I built one when they first came out. So, since I already have one, I thought I’d do something that I rarely do, have a contest and give it away (unopened and not assembled) to a lucky reader:

Win this camera! The Konstruktor

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment saying why you’d like the Konstructor and I’ll pick the best answer and mail it to you (anywhere) free of charge if you’re chosen. You have until Saturday, October 25th at 9am PST to enter. This post will be updated with the winner once they are contacted by email. Good luck!


  1. Peter Vogel says:

    This would be terrific to use with the computer club in my school. I’d have a club member or two assemble the camera and then it could be used for the digital photography unit in several of our ICT courses. It could even be used by the Yearbook Club.

  2. I am in a photographic slump. Maybe a new camera might jumpstart my creativity.

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    Sounds like fun. I’ve gotten into far too much of a habit of shooting more photos than I need and simply selecting what I like best. Film forces you to be more selective.

  4. I wonder if I could keep it unopened until my little guy is old enough to put it together? If not, i wonder if I could put it together with him around! lol it be neat to teach photography with these though, have to build it and then learn to shoot with it!
    Film isnt dead is it!

  5. Darwin says:

    I would love to win this because I love shooting photos of my kids, but I also want the chance to put one together with my son, so he knows how a camera works and how technology makes things happen. Right now, he thinks a camera is magic!

  6. kimli says:

    I like cameras!

    Truthfully, I think it would make a wonderful present for a friend’s daughter, who’s the perfect age to start an interest in photography.

  7. Gillian Shaw says:

    Hi Peter, I was on the LD Tech tour with John and have one of those Konstruktor cameras I’d be happy to give to your school.

  8. John says:

    I’m painfully late in announcing the winner but after a random draw, Tyler wins the Konstruktor!

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