Archive for October, 2014

Revolution Infinity 3D Printer: Hands on

I get my hands on the new 3D printer, the Infinity 3D , from Revolution Printers and put it through it’s paces.

Maker Profile: KLO Portfolios

I spend the afternoon with KLO Portfolios learning how they make their custom designed portfolios and we play with lasers.

Vancouver Sun’s Digital Life Podcast

Recently, I sat down with Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun to discuss how I got into 3D printing, my book and a few other geeky things on her Digital Life Podcast.

LDTech 2014 with London Drugs

My recent trip to Whistler to see what cool new technology London Drugs has coming to their stores this holiday season at LDTech…and a contest to win a camera!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Hands On

I take Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 for a spin and compare it to my iPhone 6.

TEDxVancouver 2014: Coleen Christie

I had the chance to ask CTV News’ Coleen Christie a few questions ahead of her upcoming talk at TEDxVancouver on October 18th.