A Summer of Travel

Poolside in Palm Springs at yxyy

The past few months have been a fantastic summer of travel for me where I’ve written or shot for a few other sites over the last few months but I thought I’d highlight some of those adventures here.

Things really got going in May when I visited Nevada for my friend Rebecca who once again couldn’t be in two places at once.

Travel Nevada

Travel Nevada

Visiting Death Valley, rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, and kayaking on Lake Mead and hitting some ziplines and a rollercoaster was just some of the highlights.

Tourism Nevada 2014

Travel Nevada

After touring Nevada, I flew directly to San Francisco to experience the mother of all Maker Faires, touring Autodesk & Instructable’s Pier 9 offices and visiting friends.

Autodesk & Instructables

June was spent in Vancouver organizing the 3D604 booth for Maker Faire and gearing up for July which was spent mostly away from home.


A return to Palm Springs in early July for the second installment of Yes and Yes Yes was an amazing time in the California sunshine. While there, we had a maker lounge right beside the pool. Autodesk brought some 3D printers, Othermill brought their snazzy CNC machine and I brought my 3D scanner where I scanned over 60 people and we 3d printed as many as possible on the spot.




Poolside with mini @amygsfm #yxyy

See you next year #yxyy


More photos from Palm Springs and YxYY are on Flickr.

As soon as I got back from Palm Springs, it was off again to the Pemberton Music Festival. I literally had one day back at home to do some laundry then it was off again. This time I was headed north to Prince George with my frequent travel buddy, Marc for more tourism related adventures including more rock climbing, hiking and flightseeing where I stuck a GoPro on the wing of an airplane.

Rock Climbing

August has been more homebound but I’ve had a couple of speaking engagements. I’ll be heading to Seattle for the 3D Printing World Expo this weekend and then September will have a return to Portland for XOXO.

After that? Who knows…

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