The Evolution of Gaming

Jeremy and Cecilia try to figure out Computer Space

The Centre for Digital Media is currently hosting an exhibition of videogame history, called the Evolution of Gaming at the ‘Hanger’ on Great Northern Way. It’s a stroll through the childhood memories for many people my age who grew up during the Atari generation.

For 10 days, they are opening the exhibition to the public, for free to revisit all your favorite videogame arcade machines, home consoles and computers. It’s also a chance for a new generation of kids to experience what gaming was like before the internet.

Did I mention it’s all free?

I actually still own many of my original videogame systems or computers but it was great seeing some extremely rare and ground breaking gear from my childhood.

Things like the first computer I ever touched, the Apple ][E:

Evolution of Gaming

Evolution of Gaming

My first videogame console, the Atari 2600:

Evolution of Gaming

Evolution of Gaming

My favorite console, the Vectrex which I still have a bunch of games and two units at home:

Evolution of Gaming

You can literally spends hours here playing practically every game console (on free play!) as well as multiple arcade machines from the various decades and a full size, interactive Hypersports game where you battle against a friend on a balance board controller. Also available to try is an Oculus Rift heads up display paired with a Kinect sensor that let’s you smash buildings in a virtual Vancouver.

The exhibition is on now until August 10th. Tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance and they are going fast. Visit Evolution of Gaming for more info and to register for your free ticket.

Check out my Evolution of Gaming Flickr album for more blasts from the past.

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