Pemberton Music Festival in Photos

Jim Breuer & the Trailer Park Boys in the laugh tent

July has been a crazy busy month for me with lots of travel. One of the highlights was attending the Pemberton Music Festival which drew some of the biggest acts to a beautiful mountain setting, about a half hour north of Whistler.

I was particularly stoked that they were going to have a comedy area (aka the Laugh Tent) with some very well known comedy acts. I wasn’t sure how the comedy was going to mix in with the music and campers but it worked very well and was one of my favorite parts of Pemberton. An extra bonus was the Trailer Park Boys who opened/introduced many of the acts.

Some other highlights included watching Bob Saget introduce Snoop Dogg:

Empire of the Sun’s stage show was very impressive and the fans loved every minute. It was my first time seeing them live and was definitely a set to catch.

Above & Beyond had an amazing set although their stage was very tall so it was a little had to see Jono and Pavo unless you were at the very back.

Deborah Harry and Blondie got the crowd going early:

Blondie at Pemberton Music Festival

Seeing Grimes in person finally:

I missed his epic bubble entrance but eventually got over to see Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips after crossing the festival grounds from Snoop’s stage:
The Flaming Lips at Pemberton Music Festival

And seeing the awesome light show that Deadmau5 brought that keeps getting bigger and better:
DeadMau5 at Pemberton Music Festival

DeadMau5 at Pemberton Music Festival
You can view all my photos from Pemberton on Flickr.

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