Workshop: Which 3D Printer Should I Buy?

Once again, my friends at Zen Maker Lab are hosting an workshop. This time, it’s a workshop to help you choose a desktop 3D printer, hosted by yours truly. This $20 evening workshop in North Vancouver on July 28th at 7pm will cover:

  • pros and cons of many currently available 3D printer models
  • building a printer from a kit or from scratch
  • types of materials available you can print with (more than just plastic!)
  • ongoing maintenance, upgrades and sources for kits and raw materials used for printing
  • lots of time for your questions

We’ll have a variety of different printers on hand, along with lots of different print samples so you can see what these machines are capable of. The machines will be printing during the workshop so you’ll get to see how they work in person.


If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, you can sign up on

Note that there won’t be any 3D printers for sale at the event. The intent of the workshop is to give you an overview of what’s available, not sell you on a specific machine.

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