May the 4th be with you

3D printed lightsaber

For Star Wars day, on May the 4th (get it), I 3D printed a couple of cool things.

I also decided to further take my MakerBot to the dark side and designed an Imperial fan guard by remixing another one and the imperial logo:

Imperial  40mm fan guard

It was a day long affair printing this wonderful lightsaber model that Ultimaker posted on Youmagine:


The main parts each took between 3-5 hours and easily snapped together. The files even came with a stand. I printed everything in MakerBot’s new ‘cool gray’ which comes on these new spools that look like old computer data tapes:

I love that the new @Makerbot filament spools look like old data tape reels

I also reprinted the backplate for my Replicator 2 with the Imperial one I had designed a while ago…but this time I printed it in two colors. You can see it behind the lightsaber above.

They all turned out really well. May the 4th be with you…always!

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