Google Glass: A Preview

Unboxing Google Glass

Recently I managed to get an invite to try out Google Glass. And by ‘try out’, I mean I got to plunk down $1500US to own a pair myself of the second generation device. They won’t be available to the general public until sometime in 2014 at an unknown price point (but I doubt they would cost $1500, more likely $4-500).


So far, they have been pretty awesome. The technology is pretty cool, many people are curious about them (and it’s surprised me how many people are aware of them) but it’s still a beta product. Fortunately, Google has been improving them regularly since their initial release this past summer and just last week released a full SDK for them which should really start to bear fruit in the coming weeks and months.

Despite being rather dorky looking, many people (strangers) have stopped me and asked about them, asked to try them on and are generally great at starting a conversation. I haven’t encountered any negative people although many people assume that I’m recording video all the time or even xraying them (!). Explaining how they work to people has been a lot of fun actually.

If you haven’t heard of Glass, watch this video to get an idea of how they work:

I’m still working on a longer ‘hands on’ review of the current version of this device (spoiler: the camera is pretty great!) so for now, here’s a few photos taken with Glass (or screenshots from it) for the curious:

and a quick video clip shot with them:

Post in the comments if there is anything you’d specifically like to know about them.

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