Microslice: The Tiny Arduino based Laser Cutter

Microslice Laser Cutter (photo from Instructables)

I stumbled across the Microslice Laser Cutter on Instructables (by SilverJimmy) and decided almost instantly that I wanted to build one.

I’ve wanted my own laser cutter forever but unfortunately, my home is not set up to properly handle a full size machine as I wouldn’t have adequate ventilation in my garage, not to mention they usually cost thousands of dollars. That’s one of the reasons I joined the Vancouver Hackspace as they have one and the Laser Cutter Cafe looked promising although it was only around for a short while (I’ve heard it will be back soon though).

It’s a pretty amazing, albeit tiny, machine for around $100!

It can only laser cut paper but can engrave lots of things all in a cool looking mechanism. I’ve already started ordering the parts and ordered the laser cut parts (97 of them!) from the maker himself in green acrylic (of course!).

There could also be a Kickstarter for a full kit fairly soon as well.

Stay tuned for build updates likely closer to Christmas as I wait for all the parts to arrive.

Update #1: The parts have started to arrive! I love the green acrylic parts I got from LittleBox.co too!

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