3D Printing Segment on Global BC

This morning I brought some 3D Printers down to Global BC’s Morning News show. A compilation video of the segments is above. It was a lot of fun sharing the 3d prints with Sophie Lui & Steve Darling (and the rest of the crew). I printed a few iPhone cases for them along with the Global BC logo during the show as well.

For the curious, the video features the MakerBot Replicator 2 and the Printrbot Simple 3d printers. A number of the bigger items were also printed on my Tinkerines Litto. The local 3D printing group is 3D604.org.

Yes, I totally flubbed the Star Trek reference at the end…sorry Patrick Stewart.


One Comment

  1. Kevin Chuka says:

    Nice segment John! My in-laws watched it live and thought it was awesome.

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