Revisiting Toon Paint

Queens of the Stone Age

I spent a great weekend in Squamish recently for their annual music festival. I was shooting for Rebecca and she has a couple of posts with my photos from the event. You can also view my entire set on Flickr.

I started playing around with Toon Paint again on my iPhone to give some of the shots a more unique look. Every time I shoot a big show, with lots of other photographers, I always want to find a different way to capture the event since we’re all shooting the same subject from the same angle, sometimes with even the same gear.

9554039829_49f78084ee_bI also tried converting a few other older images in my photostream.

It’s gotten much easier since Flickr updated their iPhone app and you can simply click the Share icon and choose “Save Photo” to save a high resolution copy to your camera roll.

Then load up Toon Paint and convert the image.

For the most part, the images come out looking amazing. There is some additional tweaking needed and to get the color effects, you do need to do an in-app purchase. I also find that the color palatte sometimes makes the image quite dark so that’s why I chose to stay with the black and white versions in some of the darker (source) images.

It looks like they also now have an HD version for the iPad which I’ll have to try out. The above was all done with my iPhone 5. There is also now an Android version too.

Judging from the response I got during the music festival when I posted a few ‘tooned’ images online, people seem to really like it. What do you think?

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