A Visit to The Laser Cutter Cafe

There is a cool new space that just opened in Chinatown called the Laser Cutter Cafe. It’s a popup shop that is only around for a few weeks but I hope it stays around longer.

So what is it?
It’s a place to go and use their multiple laser cutters to make cool stuff. Using one of two Full Spectrum laser cutters (with another, larger one due to arrive shortly), you can cut or etch many different materials including wood, leather, felt, acrylic and more.

There is also a selection of various items for sale created with the laser cutters along with a great selection of electronic parts, toys, arduinos and other geeky stuff that I love.

Anyone can rent time on the lasers after taking a brief lesson on it’s usage. Rates are very reasonable for this kind of technology starting at $15 for 30 minutes of use.

This is a custom mounting plate for the bottom of the Kossel Mini being cut by the laser:

You can find the cafe in Chinatown at 434 Columbia St in Vancouver from noon-9pm until August 6th.

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