Tech Tuesday: Underwater MP3 player & 3D printed pets

On Air sign at the News 1130 studios

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these topics:

  • Petfig: A new service in Japan is offering customers the ability to immortalize their pets in full color 3d printed models. You send in photos of your pet and 3D Wave will create a model that will be printed in sandstone that is an exact photo realistic replica of your pet. No word on cost or availability on this side of the ocean.
  • Underwater MP3 player: A new $160 MP3 player, called the Neptune, specifically designed for swimmers, is now on the market which has the unique ability to playback your music through your cheekbones. The three part device includes two small side speakers that hang off your goggle strap and a waterproof display. By vibrating part of your cheekbone through the side speaker, your inner ear picks it up as clear audio.

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