Multi-Rotor Meetup

Tonight I attended what will likely be the first of many ‘multi-rotor meetups’ in North Vancouver. What started as a conversation on the forum of the group evolved into a very well attended meetup in an unused lot along the waterfront.

As you can see below, there were a lot of different models of quad and tri copters in attendance. Some were homemade and others with commercial kits. It was pretty cool to see so many in one place.








I especially liked Caleb’s Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter:
Nano copter #want

It was even cooler that Caleb was running it just off a Raspberry Pi, a battery pack and a bluetooth dongle connected to a PS3 controller wirelessly.

Here’s the promo video for it:

Not sure when the next one will be but if you’re interested, check out the multi-rotor threads on for more info.

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