TekEh podcast now available

I’m happy to announce that a podcast project I’ve been wanting to do for a while has finally come to fruition. Earlier this week I recorded the first episode of TekEh which is my technology podcast with a Canadian spin…get it? Tek, eh? What can I say, you make do with the domain names that are available.
The first episode features my friend, Kemp Edmonds, who works at Hootsuite, and we chatted about our recent adventures in Austin, Texas at the South By Southwest conference.

I’m still waiting for iTunes to approve the podcast (there are a few f-bombs in there) so for now, you can visit the main site for it, or listen right here to the first episode.

UPDATE: You can now find TekEh on iTunes

Hopefully this will be a weekly thing going forward, time permitting.

For those curious, I used a Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder and a Shure PG48-XLR microphone to record the podcast using the 4 channel mix configuration on the Zoom. Unfortunately, it was my first time using the H4N for a setup like this and my settings weren’t ideal from an ease of editing standpoint – I should have done the mix on the device directly but instead had a separate file for each mic which made editing out a few phone calls that came in during our talk a bit of a pain…but I think it all worked out in the end and I learned a lot for next time.

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