SXSW 2013: Part 3 – Lytro Portraits

Photo by Kris Krug

My favorite thing about SXSW has always been the people that I meet there. I decided to travel light this year and for the first time in seven years, left my DSLR at home and relied on my iPhone and my Lytro to capture my adventures. Although I did bring my GoPro to use at the Hoot Hockey event. This turned out much better than I imagined and meant a lot more room in my suitcase.

The Lytro turned out to be a great conversation starter as well, with many people asking about it. The best reaction I got though was by Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) who recognized it immediately as ‘one of those cool cameras’ and gladly posed for a portrait:

Hoothockey at SXSW 2013

John Bollwitt caught me taking Guy Kawasaki’s portrait at the Hoot Hockey game:

This led to me capturing a few more folks there including a few of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls:

One of the event’s organizers and good friend, Richard Loat:

My friend, Nardwuar is a natural for the camera:

Kris Krug‘s and his epic beard:

Fellow Vancouverite, Erin Ireland at Hoot Hockey:

Long time friend and SXSW 2010 co-panalist, Chris Heuer:

You can see all my “Living Photos” on my profile page.

Disclosure: While this post may seem like an ad for Lytro, I’m just a fan of the camera and wasn’t compensated for using it. I bought and paid for the camera myself because I like to use new/different tech all the time, especially photography related gear.

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