ProTECHtivity Workshop March 14

My pals Steve Dotto, Mike Vardy and a few of their friends are putting on a one day workshop about working smarter with technology.

Steve and I are both self proclaimed geeks but even I learned a few things when attending an earlier iteration of this workshop…he even helped convince me to use Evernote after I said I didn’t see a use for it.

Steve’s given me a 20% discount code to share if you’re interested in attending. When registering, use BIEHLERGUEST to get the discount.

Here’s what Steve had to say about the workshop:

All the technology designed to make us more efficient actually tends to get in the way of getting work done! It is called the “Productivity Paradox”.

We have all experienced it, and there is workshop coming to Delta designed to address just that problem.

The key to massive productivity is understanding the tools and how they fit into a trusted system.

Become the Master of Your Technology

Covering everything from time and contact management, project management, document management, through email and calendars to organization. ProTECHtivity shows you the best apps, the best techniques and the best ways to become far more productive than every before. You will learn to use your smartphone (any flavour) and computer, integrate the best apps and procedures to make sure you are in control of your life, and in control of your tech.

A full day agenda including workshops and seminars featuring:

  • Top Productivity Experts
  • The Paperless Office
  • Sync your world
  • Time and Idea Management
  • Everything in Evernote
  • eMail and Task Management


  • Steve Dotto – Canada’s favorite geek
  • Mike Vardy – Productivitiest
  • Brooks Duncan – Paperless Office
  • Darci Larocque – Everything and the Kitchen Sync
  • Deborah Kriger – Stop Wasting Time On Social Media
  • Eileen Reppenhagen – Too Much Paper, Never EnoughTime

You can’t work harder! You need to work smarter!

March 14
8:30 – 4:30
Delta Town and Country Inn

Discover Your Inner Geek!

Visit to register (don’t forget to use BIEHLERGUEST for the 20% discount).

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