Nifty Mini Drive

I’ve been having great success with Kickstarter lately as all of the projects I’ve backed have shipped their rewards (albeit almost all have been late).

The Nifty Mini Drive is the latest to land in my mailbox. They had originally wanted $11,000 to fund the project but was wildly successful and raised nearly $400,000.

Nifty Minidrive Retina

It’s a very simple idea – all current models of MacBooks have an SD card slot which make it easy to read memory cards. The problem is that the SD card juts out when fully inserted. The Nifty MiniDrive is a MicroSD card reader that fits nearly flush inside the MacBook (in my case, a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro). I was also able to choose from a selection of anodized color options and it came with a removal tool (although a paperclip works just fine).

Nifty Minidrive Retina

Nifty Minidrive Retina

Using a 64gb Sandisk MicroSD card I picked up during a Cyber Monday sale last year, I’ve added a significant amount of storage to my laptop. It can be used as static storage or even as a Time Machine backup drive for important files and documents.

Nifty Minidrive Retina

While you can get memory card readers for a few dollars, the $30 I spent for my Nifty (including global shipping) was well worth it.

The Kickstarter is over but you should be able to get your own soon at their website.

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  1. For those that do not want to wait, there is an Alternative MiniDrive on Amazon selling for 1/2 the price and shipping without a wait.

    Nice review.

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