DottoTech 96: App Wednesday

Cycloramic from the DottoTech Studio

I was on the radio for another fun App Wednesday with Steve Dotto, David Hathaway and Art Factora and was hoping that my pick would take the crown for best app and it appears that it did.

The video and photo above were showing Cycloramic in action. I found the app a few weeks ago and have been hoping nobody would talk about it on Dotto before I had the chance to.

It’s an iPhone 5 app that you can stand the phone on it’s end, and it will rotate the iPhone by using the vibrate motor to spin it in one direction. You can shoot a 360 photo or a video. I found the video a little jerky since it has to stop at times so that it doesn’t go too fast but still a clever trick giving you a handsfree panorama. I was told by the folks at Cycloramic (via Twitter) that an update to the app that is coming very soon will allow you to create a 360 degree, 24 seconds smooth HD movie which is pretty sweet.

Listen to the whole show here as well as links to all the apps we talked about.

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