Tech Tuesday: Leap Motion controller & Pebble Smartwatch

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I talked about these items:

  • Leap Motion controller: Gathering a huge wave of interest lately is the Leap motion controller which is little bigger than a flashdrive and set to ship early this year. Not unlike the Kinect for your Xbox except the $70 Leap allows you to use 3D hand gestures to control your personal computer and promises to change the way you communicate. Everything from gaming, navigating the internet, 3D modeling to even signing your name will be done naturally with your hands.
  • Pebble Smartwatch: Considered the darling of Kickstarter last year due to it’s success in reaching $10 million in pre-orders, the $150 Pebble Smartwatch is about to start shipping to consumers. A small, sleek, watch that uses e-paper can be customized with multiple watch faces, has downloadable apps and can be paired via bluetooth to your smartphone. It also vibrates when you have an incoming call or text message which it can display on the watch face. Due to the e-paper screen, it’s highly readable in bright sunlight and the battery lasts about a week between charges.

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