New toy: Tabletop Arcade cabinet

Yesterday I completed another in a string of successful trades facilitated by Craigslist. I’ve been having great luck lately dealing with some great people on there and not the usual lowballing trolls that I encountered previously.

This time, I traded a bunch of old videogame consoles, controllers and game carts that I’ve been hording in my garage (five boxes worth) for this awesome tabletop arcade cabinet which can emulate everything I traded away:

Another awesome Craigslist trade. Scored a bartop arcade game with 5500 retro games

It’s basically an original Xbox game console that has been built into a cabinet, along with an LCD monitor, video converter and power supply. The modified Xbox is running the CoinOps emulator with about 5500 retro games across about 5 consoles.

I’ve wanted a tabletop cabinet forever and this one has lots of options, is easily expandable and works great.

Here’s a taste of CoinOPS running:

Time to see what else I can trade for from my garage.

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