Behind the scenes at Paladin Security

inside the operations centre

Earlier this week I got a unique invitation to check out the operations centre at Paladin Security in Burnaby. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is occasionally getting to go places that not everyone can and was quite (happily) surprised when this opportunity presented itself to me.

Upon entering the non-descript office building, I was taken on a tour of the facility by Paladin’s CEO, Ashley Cooper. We started in the Operations Centre which looked pretty much like I was expecting a security centre to look like – lots of big screens and computers with camera views and details about specific locations. During the tour, they switched out a few of the screens for privacy reasons and I also blurred out a few details in these photos. The camera views shown were for their own office building.

Paladin Security

The room (which operates 24/7) was buzzing with various staff on the phones to either the security teams or customers.

Paladin Security

We then headed down to the mobile team room where the various patrols gear up for their shifts. These days, most security patrols log their visits with scanners which then sync back to the operations centre to track the patrols and bill the customers.

Our next stop was the training room. As many of Paladin’s clients are healthcare facilities, the staff are rigourously trained on non-lethal deescalation practices to assist medical staff with dealing with a wide range of potential issues with patients in hospitals and clinics. They ran a few scenarios for us:

Paladin Security

It was a fascinating tour and my thanks to Paladin Security for the invite.

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