Tech Tuesday: 3d printing props for the Hobbit & reusing those electric car batteries

On Air sign at the News 1130 studios

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver I talked about these items:

  • The Hobbit gets 3d printed: Props for the upcoming Hobbit movie from Peter Jackson were largely 3d printed by Weta Workshops. Everything from weapons like the Orcrist and Sting to apparel such as helmets and buckles. Even prostetic pieces likes noses and feet extenders are being 3d printed. This technology greatly reduces the cost of production while making it easy to design new props as needed as well as replace those that are damaged during the course of production.
  • GM and ABB team up to give new life to electric car batteries: Currently just an experiment, GM and ABB have found a new way to use the batteries from a Chevy Volt after it’s life powering the car is over. Once not needed anymore inside the Volt, the batteries still have about 70% of their charge which the firms have demonstrated that 5 used batteries can be provide backup power to 3-5 average sized homes for a number of hours.

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