Tech Tuesday: iPhone 5 rumour roundup and 3d Princesses

On Air sign at the News 1130 studios

This week on News1130 radio in Vancouver I talked about these items:

  • iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup: My guesses – same design as 4/4S but bigger screen (4″seems likely), new dock connector (possibly just micro USB rather than new design), LTE, improved camera (no idea what they’ll do here, better sensor?), no NFC (uptake has been minimal with retailers so far) and some new iCloud related features. Hoping for some surprises that haven’t been on the rumour radar.
  • 3d print your own princess at Disney World:Hot on the heels of Disney offering Star Wars themed 3d printed memorabilia earlier this year, you can now have your daughter 3d scanned and made into one of 7 different Disney Princess figures that will be mailed to your home in a few weeks. The process takes just 10 minutes to scan and customize the figure with your child’s face as the star princess. (source)

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