Tantillus 3d Printer Build Night

Last night at the Vancouver Hack Space (VHS), there was a build night for all the local buyers of Tantillus 3d printers. There were 11 Tantillus’ (tantilli?) in the room in various stages of completion, plus a handful of other awesome printers in the hackspace.

A 3d printer build-a-thon! 11 Tantillus printers in one place!

I worked on my Tantillus and made some progress. All that is really left is to complete the wiring which I’ll finish this weekend with the hopes of having it running in time to head to Calgary for their MakerFaire next weekend.

Ernest, who was sitting across from me, was able to finally troubleshoot a few issues from his build and got a great looking print THE FIRST TIME HE TRIED! As someone that has built 3 different 3d printers now, that is almost unheard of…it took me ages to get my Prusa printing that good. Here’s a little video that tried to capture some of the excitement of the 1st print:

I even got to see my first Printrbot+ in person:


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