Tech Tuesday: InstaCube & Charge your phone while you bike to work

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I discussed these items:

  • InstaCube: stream in realtime, all the photos from your Instagram account, to this wifi enabled digital photo frame. It’s touchscreen and tactile buttons let you like photos as they appear on the cube as well as configure which photos get displayed on it. You can also use hashtags to specify a specific theme or type of imagry to be displayed. Available in 2013 for about $150. (source)
  • Charge your phone while you bike to work: The BikeCharge is a small dynamo that you attach to your bike wheel that will allow you to charge any USB device while you pedal. It would likely take about 2 hours of riding to charge your average smartphone completely but it’s more than adequate to top up your phone during your commute (source)

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