Tech Tuesday: remotely automate your home and a camera with smartphone brain

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these topics:

  • Wi-Fi controlled power outlet makes home automation easy: Belkin has released a new $49 gadget called the WeMo that allows you to automate your home electronics and appliances using an outlet that has wifi built in and is controlled via a smartphone app. It has the ability to ‘listen’ to the internet to trigger various things like check the Weather channel and if the local temperature goes above a certain temp, turn on the living room fan for example. There is also an optional motion sensor that can be set up to notify via text message when someone opens the door (for example). (source)
  • Nikon set to announce first camera with a smartphone brain: The S800 is about to be unveiled by Nikon in early September that will use Google Android operating system and offer many of the same features as an Android smartphone. Plenty of smartphones have decent cameras built in but this will be the first time a compact camera will have the ability to use smartphone camera applications and more. It will also feature built in GPS and WiFi connectivity for geotagging and uploading on the go. (source)

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