Tech Tuesday: The Chemputer and Tablet Rumour Roundup

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I talked about:

  • Print any drug using the Chemputer: Professor Lee Cronin at Glasgow University is working with a modified 3d printer to create a machine that can ‘print’ just about any pharmaceutical with the ultimate goal to allow people to do this in their own home. The printer creates tubes that it injects various base chemicals that then react inside the tubes to produce the desired drug using the specific recipe for a given drug. This will allow doctors to prescribe very specific doses for individuals and the printer will custom deliver the medication not to mention the implications such a device would have in developing countries where medication is in short supply. (source)
  • Tablet rumour roundup: With back to school tech shopping just around the corner, if you are thinking of getting yourself or someone else a shiny new tablet, keep these rumoured updates in mind. Apple is rumoured to announce a smaller ‘iPad Mini’ on September 12 when it announces the next iPhone (both rumored to be available September 21). Microsoft just confirmed (via a SEC filing) it will launch it’s Surface tablet with Windows 8 on October 26 and even RIM is rumored to unveil a 10″ Blackberry Playbook in early 2013. (various sources)

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