Ditto 3d printer and see North America’s largest 3d printed object

My friends (and co-makers from MakerFaire as well as co-founders of the 3D604 group) at Tinkerine Studios have finally launched the crowdfunding campaign for their awesome Ditto 3d printer over at Indigogo:

3D Printer Village

This marks the third unique 3d printer design to come out of our local club (Derek’s Citadel Mendel was the first, followed by Brad’s Tantillus), and the second printer to be made available for purchase (the Tantillus is the other one). The laser cut acrylic version was definitely my favorite and it got a great reception from the crowds at MakerFaire Vancouver where it was unveiled for the first time.

Tinkerine Studios will also join Andrew from Glitch 3D Models (also at MakerFaire & a group member) on July 26th from 6:30-9pm at VanDusen Gardens Visitor Centre (5251 Oak Street near 37th Ave in Vancouver) to assist JF Brandon with the public exhibition of the Rygo, designed by Bathsheba Grossman which is currently North America’s largest 3d printed object:

(photo courtesy DShape)

So you’ll be able to see the Ditto and Andrew’s BFB 3d Touch printers in person, as they’ll be printing much smaller scale versions of the Rygo during the event.

JF also had a booth at MakerFaire (just around from our 3d Printer Village) showcasing some of the cool stuff he’s working on with DShape.

It’s a very exciting time in the local 3d printing world!

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