Tech Tuesday: Track your daily activities by GPS and transmit 70 dvds worth of data a second

This week on News 1130 in Vancouver, I discussed these topics:

  • Twisted light: New tech can transmit 70 DVDs worth of data per second: Researchers at USC have found a way to send data at up to 2.5 terabytes per second (the equivalent of 70 dvds) by twisting the light used for transmission. Regular fibre optic data transmission is a single straight line of light tubes, This technology uses a twisted set of tubes and something called ‘phased holograms’, not unlike a DNA helix, that will greatly increase the data throughput for satellite communications and fibre optic network connections in the very near future. (source)
  • Timesquare manages your time via GPS: A new app lets you log your daily activities with your iPhone by tracking your location via GPS. When you change locations, it records how much time you spent in the previous location and gives you the ability to categorize that spot (work, gym, client meeting, etc.) to better aid in managing your time and client billing. You can even associate an hourly rate and the app will calculate how much money was earned at your client meeting (source)

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