Tech Tuesday: Toughest iPhone Case & digitizing a museum

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items:

  • Toughest iPhone case yet – A recently funded Kickstarter project from Snow Lizard is now shipping one of the most protective and advanced iPhone 4/4S cases I’ve ever seen. Waterproof to 20′ and can sustain a drop from up to 20′, the polycarbonite case also packs a solar panel on the back that will extend your battery 1.5x thanks to an integrated Li-Polymer battery (which can also be charged via USB). I think I want one in Camo. (source)
  • Digitizing the MET – a team from MakerBot Industries worked with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York over the weekend to digitize many works of art using software that takes multiple photos from every angle of the artwork in order to create a 3d model. The models are then made freely available on the internet and can then be printed on any 3d printer allowing many more people to access the priceless works of art in the Museum. (Source)

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