Tech Tuesday: Easy tire pressure and the ultimate retro cameraphone filter

This week on News 1130 radio in Vancouver, I talked about these items:

  • Tire inflation just got easier: using it’s new “Easy Fill Tire Alert”, Nissan, starting in 2013 will make it much easier to keep on top of your tire pressure without the guesswork. Using indicator lights in the dash, it will identify which tire is low and once you connect a hose to the tire, the running lights will flash to confirm air is going into the tire and it will sound the horn if you over inflate. (source)
  • InstaCRT – the retro cameraphone filter that beats all cameraphone filters: Take a photo using the InstaCRT iPhone app ($1.99) and it will send your image to their server, display it on a 1″ lowfi display and then a DSLR will take a photo of your image, on the 1″ display and then send you back the photo of your photo (source)
    Love #instaCRT filter app...talking about it today on @news1130radio

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