More 3d printing timelapses

Over the weekend I experimented with some new timelapse workflows using my GoPro Hero2 camera.

Sepphos Head

It involved setting up the GoPro to shoot stills at specific intervals (every 5 seconds in the case of the Sappho’s Head and every 30 seconds in the case of the Crystal Bowl) and then downsizing the stills (using an Automator script I made in OSX) and then importing them into Quicktime 7 as an Image Sequence. This was done for a couple of reasons but primarily because I didn’t want to have to change the 10 megapixel still settings on the GoPro (it’s a pain to do with it’s nested menus) and to also shrink down the resulting movie to HD size so that it’s playable (and editable) on my not so new computers. I still have the original stills at full resolution in the event I ever want to go higher than HD quality.

Printing this crystal bowl took about 2 hours:
Crystal Bowl

and Sappho’s Head took only about 22 minutes (scaled to 50%):

Although I managed to break it shortly after taking it off the print bed.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with the results but it’s better than the setup I was using previously. I want to make (3d print) an extension arm that will allow me to position the GoPro closer to the printer rather than just sitting on top of the tripod as it current is which limits it’s ability to get close due to the moving print bed.

If weight wasn’t a concern, I think it would be cool to mount the GoPro (via extension arm) to the X carriage so that it moved up with the extruder but I think the extra weight would affect the 3d print quality.


  1. Dean says:

    As a one step alternative you can use mencoder in the terminal. >> Put your full size timelapse photos in a folder (but only your timelapse photos) >> open a terminal >> navigate to folder >> run a command like:
    “mencoder mf://*JPG -nosound -mf fps=18 -vf scale=1920:1080 -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=6000:keyint=30:preset=veryslow -o timelapse.avi”

    It’s a fast, high quality way to create a timelapse without resizing images first :)

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